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Historic Photographs

  • Mame Warren Collection - MSA SC985 - 223 images

    Dates: 1859-1910. This collection of copy photographs was put together by Mame Warren and photographer Marion E. Warren for their book The Train's Done Been and Gone: An Annapolis Portrait 1859-1910, first published in 1976. The 300 Annapolis images are high quality copies made by Mr. Warren from original photographs.

  • Robert G. Merrick Archives of Maryland Historical Photographs - MSA SC1477 - 1,440 images

    Dates: 1840-1940. The collection consists of approximately 1800 copy photographs made by Marion E. Warren from original photographs representing all of the counties in Maryland. The photographs illustrate a cross section of life and culture throughout the State of Maryland during those years, including industry, watermen, transportation, education, resorts, family life, sports, and agriculture.

  • The Annapolis I Remember Collection - MSA SC2140 - 559 images

    Dates: 1860-1980. Copy photographs made by Marion E. Warren for Mame Warren's book Then Again . . . Annapolis 1900-1965, published in 1990. The original photographs fall between those dates and provide a wonderful cross-section of life in Annapolis for both the African-American and white communities during those years.

Photographs of Maryland's Former Governors

  • Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr., Press Office Photographs - MSA T275 - 59,995 images

    Dates: 2003-2007. Photos of Governor Ehrlich and events

  • Governor Martin O'Malley, Press Office Photographs - MSA T3908 - 151,975 images

    Dates: 2007-2015. Photos of Governor O’Malley and events

For photographs from Maryland’s current Governor, please visit:
Governor’s Office Photo Gallery

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